Sailors face stormy conditions on day two of Multihull Solutions Regatta


Scott Murray

Sixteen months of COVID restrictions will leave anyone itching for some action, so participants in the MSR’21 didn’t mind a delayed start till PRO Simon James could find some wind and send them off through rain-soaked Chalong Bay.

With the weather gods acting up again though one race was all PRO James could muster, and it had to be shortened midway through with most of the competitors having a hard time making it through lap one.

Still, everyone was happy to be out there and happy to be competing.

Pulse Red was back on the course today racing against the three other Pulses. The Sting was MIA again but Star Trek returned from its intergalactic rendezvous to give the Pulses some company, as 13 boats were on the water.

With its second-place finish today, Dan Fidock’s Fugazi has a two-point edge in Multihull Racing (OMR) heading into the final day in its quest to be only the second repeat regatta winner, Hurricane being the first. Warwick Downes’ Bonza , Team Philippines Voodoo, John Newnham’s Twin Sharks, and Glywn Rowlands Twister 2 followed in that order today.

Multihull Cruising (PHC class) saw Simon Boyd’s Pulse Grey take top spot followed by Rick Fielding’s Pulse Yellow in second, Charles Robinson’s Star Trek in third, and Paul “Flatty” Baker’s Pulse Blue in fourth.

In the Pulse 600 division after two days of racing Pulse Grey sits in first, followed by Pulse Yellow, Pulse Blue and Pulse Red. A big shout-out to Java Watersports’ John Coffin for being able to enter four boats in the regatta.

The three-boat Racing Monohull class saw the crafty Dane Niels Degenkolw lead Phoenix to victory again with Jessandra II coming in second. Rough weather has not been kind to the thirds entrant in the class as Martyn Henman’s Second Nature earned another FPA when it had to retire.

This is the first time a monohull class has participated in the Multihull Solutions Regatta, but it makes sense as title sponsor now had a sister company, The Yacht Sales Company (TYSC), which deals in keelboats.

Kudos to Anthony Gates for supplying the photography rib and for helping out any boat in distress. On day one, he towed Pulse Red back to anchor when its rudder broke as well as Bonza when its motor failed to start (good on ya, Gatesy!!).

And thank you to the multi-talented Mick Coleman for ably manning and guiding the start boat, a NEEL 51graciously supplied by Paul Stamp and the team at Multihull Solutions.

The final day of racing is tomorrow with a buffet dinner and awards presentation that evening at the Phuket Yacht Club (photos by Scott Murray).

Sailors face stormy conditions on day two of Multihull Solutions Regatta