Latest Update On The OMR Spreadsheet


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Latest updates on the OMR spreadsheet are:

Voodoo has been reweighed and remains the lightest Firefly by a decent amount. There is a new jib to be measured tomorrow for Voodoo and it will be great to welcome Hans back to Phuket.

Bluenose has been reweighed. There may need to be a slight adjustment to the WM. I am waiting for a ruling from the MYCQ but this is only a slight adjustment. Also great to welcome George back to Phuket and good to see Bluenose back out racing again.

After witnessing the success and longevity of Voodoo's ultra light mainsail, Twin Sharks now has a new main that is 5 kg lighter than the previous one(s). WM has been adjusted for the weight difference.

All Firefly WM's are as per Firefly Class minimum equipment list. That is they are weighed with ONLY the gear as listed on the Firefly One Design Class minimum equipment list. They may have a WE added which can consist of items such as spare sheets, spares, extra tools etc. This will be listed as WE and weight of WE will be entered into the spreadsheet. Of course this equipment will be carried onboard at all times when racing on OMR.

Fugazi has been put on a diet with an amount of superfluous equipment removed in the form of batteries, instruments, plotters, doors, wiring. For a total of 41.7 removed. Subject to change until finalized.
I have a spreadsheet list if anyone wants to see it. Fugazi also has a new A0 which is same size to .02m2 as previous A0 but 2 kg heavier.

And finally the owners of the boats that have been weighed recently with the new load cells generously supplied by Dan have agreed that in order to keep the OMR class as one class and in fairness to the boats that have not yet been reweighed with the new equipment to allow Fez , Twister 2, Zero and The Sting a 2% increase in the WM for the Jai Dee regatta. This does come with the request of "come on guys, there is a new bridge to the boatyards in Chalong, so a crane can now get there so please make the effort to get weighed ".

Of course the decision of what class or classes there should be for the Jai Dee regatta is up to the regatta organizers and not the competitors but speaking for myself and for Dan, John, George and Ian we would all rather see all the multihulls racing in one OMR class rather than split into two classes. There could actually be sub classes for the Stealths and Fireflys possibly. That is my suggestion and I believe agreed to by Dan, John, George and Ian. It is the Jai Dee regatta after all.

I will have my scales at the registration tmrw for weigh in but all crew do not have to be there and declarations of their weights will suffice. Same as for PRW registration. So skippers please ascertain and declare crew weights if they will not be at registration. I will need total crew weights to enter into the spreadsheet after registration on Thursday evening. No later.

Boats with screechers measured please inform me at the registration if they will be used or not and the weight of the sail and furler if they are to be removed.

OMR spreadsheet I will send out after final updates and crew weights are entered.

Cheers All,

Latest Update On The OMR Spreadsheet