Fourth Sailors Regatta Takes To The Water


Scott Murray

The fourth annual Sailor’s Regatta organized by the Phuket Yacht Club took sail on Friday March 18th with racers competing in four different classes (Racing Monohulls, Multihulls & Platus). This “no frills” regatta continues to be popular with local sailors, many of whom have been hit hard by the coronavirus. It was almost a year ago that Thailand sealed off its international borders and a few days of fun on the water is a much-needed respite and boost of confidence for club members.

Matt McGrath was back as PRO and he sailed three windward-leewards for the Racing & Platu classes and two windward-leewards for the monos & multis. John Newnham’s all-star crew on Twin Sharks did what they do best – win, capturing all three races today in the five-boat Racing class. Alan Carwardine’s Coconuts was second and Bonza helmed by Warrick Downes was third. Ian Coulson’s Voodoo was fourth and hoped to pick up in the last two days renewing their historic and storied rivalry with Twin Sharks.

Dan Fidock couldn’t compete due to a leg injury so the helm of Fugazi was passed to PYC Commodore Scott Duncanson, and unfortunately, Fugazi didn’t have much luck today finished fifth in all three races. Niels Degenkolw continued to weave his usual Danish magic taking Phoenix to the top spot in the two races in the four-boat monohull division. Andrew McDermott Jessandra was second with two-second place showings. Martyn Henman’s Second Nature and Mike Downard’s Magic finished tied for third on the day.

The Sting helmed by Bill Kane raced against two Pulses in the Multihull division, and after two races The Sting stood tied atop the leaderboard with Paul “Flatty” Baker’s Grey Pulse each winning a race today. Simon Boyd’s Red Pulse was behind those two, finishing last in both races.

Both Paul and Simon had their girlfriends partnering with them in their Pulses, and this is the first time that both women have competed in a regatta although you would never know it by how well they performed on the course today.

Mike Downard’s Sail in Asia entered three of their boats in the Platu class. And in that class, Wolf helmed by Kirsten Durward was the top boat today winning the first two races and coming second in the third race. Brooke Palmer’s Tiger took second place swapping race finishes with Wolf, while Jon Oeygard’s Dragon came third in all three races.

Action continues throughout the weekend with all classes still up from grabs and good wind and blue skies predicted.

Fourth Sailors Regatta Takes To The Water