Cholamark / Highfield RIB now up for auction at the Jai Dee Regatta


Scott Duncanson

The 2.6m RIB kindly donated by Cholamark & Highfield, which was due to be given as first prize at the Jai Dee Regatta, will now be auctioned to raise funds for the club.

Previously the club had considered the RIB as first prize for the regatta and tried to come up with a process to make it equitable for all classes. There were many suggestions on potential rules for such a competition and also the possibility to draw lots in the event of a tie. But after much deliberation around process and further discussions with Cholamark, it was decided that there is an opportunity to widen the appeal of the offering by going to auction.

The auction will be open to all club members to bid and we hope someone will get a wonderful rib and the club will benefit from a nice injection of cash. The auction will take place during the final awards evening at the club.

To be eligible to bid, just turn up on the night and bid away. The bar holds a members list used for member discounts and it will be updated with new members should you join between now and then. Membership is open for online applications and runs for one year from your date of joining.

See membership page for details,

Cholamark / Highfield RIB now up for auction at the Jai Dee Regatta